PUBG mobile free: Daily tournaments (Updated 2019)

Hello everyone!

We are managing daily pubg mobile free tournaments for the PUBG mobile fans. We are not asking for any money as an entry fee. So, feel free about that.
And we have some terms and conditions as you know hacking is on trend now and this not acceptable according to the company’s policy.
The matches will be according to your choices we will vote before creating a room and obviously will create the room according to votes.
Mostly we will match up between 100 players which is basically the classic mode but can change according to the group members.

Rules to join the tournaments.

  • No hacks like aimbot, speed hack, ping hack
  • Emulators allowed
  • No teaming up

If somebody found doing any violation they will be blocked permanently. Because as you know it will spoil the fun of the tournament. So, say no to hacks. Read out our anti-hack article!

Why you shouldn’t cheat on games

For updates related to tournaments.
You can join our WhatsApp group via this below link.

Or you can send your no to this 8757745406 only WhatsApp, we will add you to the group.

Visit the website for daily updates